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Homepage is rendering oddly

I just redesigned and pushed my homepage live on https://Biltsavvy.com but it’s doing some really weird things (screen shots below). When I’m in the page builder and using preview, it looks just fine (Site Update file). But when I view it on different browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Safari mobile) it looks different (Site Chrome file).

I cleared my SiteGround cache and browser caches and nothing seems to work. Let me know what might be causing this issue. Thanks.


  • Thanks for the quick response. I checked the settings, and they’re the same - no issues.

    I duplicated my home page from the existing one and made some edits. The last one had a permalink that ended with /home (which I updated to home-old and made private).

    However, the new homepage just reads biltsavvy.com/ and doesn’t allow me to update the permalink anywhere. I changed the slug to read “home”.

    Sharing just in case there’s a setting here I didn’t manage properly.

  • I had my developer look at it and he suggested asking you again - he tried to troubleshoot and nothing worked (plug-ins, etc.)

    Can you please take a look at biltsavvy.com again and help me figure this out?

  • I fixed it.

    Actually, SiteGround fixed it. They just cleared the BeTheme Cache (not SG cache), which worked like a charm. Add this one to your bag of tricks.

  • Where did they cleared cache on theme side? Interesting because we do not cache anything on theme side.

  • Here’s what Siteground wrote:

    Ventsislav S.: Site Tools➜Site➜File Manager ➜ public_html ➜ wp-content ➜ cache

    Ventsislav S.: This folder - I directly "Right click ➜ Deleted

    "Ventsislav S.: Then flushed cache again from the Site Tools panel: Site Tools➜Speed➜Caching➜ Dynamic cache➜ Flush cache icon

  • Hi,

    Betheme does not create /wp-content/cache folder. This may be one of your plugins or hosting tools.

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