Having Trouble with a Layout


I have been brought on to help fix a page for a client that I found out used BeBuilder and the Child Theme to BeTheme.

On this page: https://limitlessmfg.com/tonneau-covers/

The section with the 01 image is laid out as expected.

The next section stacks the image on top of the text.

When I first looked at this site the page never rendered properly after the first section, but the Preview of the page would show all sections properly even when they were not all there.

I saved the preview code to an HTML file and posted it here:

I did try to do the Single Page import hoping it would take the layout, which did not work. I have spent a lot of time getting more comfortable how to layout items on the pages. Then I went through the page code I have been applying the custom classes that were setup in the original code.

Some of the custom code is not being applied to the 02 section.

I have also tried looking at this in chrome and not sure that everything is being applied properly.

I just need a push in the right direction on what I should consider doing next.

Thank you

Chad Elofson


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