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Cannot register BeTheme with license key


I wanted to update BeTheme on swarovski-betriebsrat.at.

It was not able to do so: "Message: Update failed: The package could not be installed."

Then I deregistered the license key (in order to register it once again then).

But when trying to do so it now says "Purchase code already used. Please deregister purchase code and remove theme folder on: baumharz.at".

baumharz.at does not use BeTheme at all.

Best regards for your feedback



  • I was able to solve that by myself.

    I could deregister the key for the other website (baumharz.at) at https://api.muffingroup.com/licenses/

    I have no idea, why this was a problem all of a sudden. 

    The site baumharz.at does not use BeTheme for several years now ...

    And I didn´t have a problem with BeTheme license or BeTheme updates on swarovski-betriebsrat.at in the last years.

  • Hi,

    you probably registered it in the past, that's it. And if site doesn't exist anymore, you supposed to use the tool you mentioned above.

  • yes, but as I said, the problem appeared all of a sudden, after years. From my understanding that should have been from the day that I switched the license. But anyway, doesn´t matter.

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