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Menu and header on mobile device

edited June 2014 in Menu / Mega menu
Hi, I have a problem with the menu and the header of our website on a mobile device:

Is this working as intended? Can you reduce the blank area and change the menu so that it shows the first menu point with a dropdown menu so that more users understand that this is a navigation area?


  • Hey,

    we don`t understand question because this is how menu on mobile should look like. Take a look on our demo website http://snag.gy/XAXi3.jpg and you will see the menu in on the right side but logo is centered next to menu. In your case, in this empty space should be logo but until you won`t send us url to website we have no idea why logo is not there.

    But if you don`t have logo then please tell us once again what you want to do? Reduce this space and put menu centered without logo? Or what? If is that what you mean, then we need url to your website because we can test it only on your side to be sure this will work.
  • Hi,

    yes, I removed the logo because I want to put it on the main slide.

    What I want to do is two things:
    1.) I think it would be better if the menu symbol on the iphone would be a dropdown-box with the current page in that you are on, because I guess some people don´t understand that the menu sign is a menu sign. 
    2.) Reduce the space between the slider and the menu button.
    My URL is behotel.schlossberghotel-oberhof.de
  • Hey,

    the only css we can recommend in this case is below one:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {
        #Top_bar .logo #logo { padding: 0px 60px 15px; }
        #Top_bar #logo { height: 0; }
        #Header a.responsive-menu-toggle { right: 115px; }
    please paste this css into Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section.

    But if you want to put text next to menu icon on mobile then must be rebuilt includes/header-top-area.php file what is not good solution because while any update in the future, you will lose those changes.

    Hope this will help you a lot ;)
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