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Dynamic Data - Mix of hard coded and field value in image field

edited September 18 in BeBuilder


Is it possible to modify the theme code to allow a dynamic data in only part of the source URL of an image element?

At the moment, it only appears to work if the entire URL is the dynamic data field, rather than a hard-coded portion with the dynamic content within it.

An example image source URL would be:




  • Hi,

    You can try it out, but we do not provide support with the file modifications, so unfortunately, I cannot help with this matter.

    Best regards

  • Sorry, I meant was it possible for you to modify the code?

    It is possible to do the same functionality within other elements (such as the Heading element).

    I assumed it would have been the same for all dynamic data tags.

  • We do not provide help with file customization.

    If you would like us to add such a feature in future updates, please let us know on the following topic:


    Best regards

  • Sorry Phil, it wasn't a request for customisation - more to fix an issue that exists in a specific field.

    In the heading element, you can write "Text - {tag}" and the output could be "Text - {example}".

    Within the image URL field, setting the source to be "/wp-content/themes/example/products/brands/{acf:brand}.svg" just gives you "/wp-content/themes/example/products/brands/" - the dynamic part is ignored and the rest is omitted.

    I see this as a bug, rather than a feature request.

  • I have passed this to the dev team, and we will take a look at this.

    As a workaround, you can use Plain text/HTML element with <img> tag and dynamic data in it.

    Best regards

  • Thank you - the site is still in development, so no immediate rush to use a workaround - but please keep me updated on their response.

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