Bebuilder not loading after adding a script to the header

I have troubles with my BeBuilder, it's not loading anymore after I recently added the script below to the header area. It broke the site, so we put the backup back, but, since then the Bebuilder is not loading anymore.....

I've tried adding this script to implement my CRM form on a BeTheme site. This is the script.

<!-- Teamleader contact widget -->

<script src="" async></script>

I would create a button, showing a pop-up screen to the booking page

We removed the header and put a backup back online. The site is back online i a normal layout, but the only problem I still have, is that the Bebuilder is nog loading, so it makes it impssible tot edit. I am working on 2 website, which both use the Betheme and which both need to have a form linked to the CRM. If this script is causing the theme to break, I will find another solution, but at this point, I cannot change anything on the site, so I need help!!

The website I'm working on is

The other website that I wanted to add it as well is

Can you help me, get my Bebuilder back online???


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