An error updating Betheme: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files


I can't install the new theme update. From what I read on the forum, it's possible I have another domain/subdomain with the same license key.

I spent three days trying to upload an export file from LearnDash so I was using many domains and subdomains, but I just deregistered the license from my last site. However, I still cannot update the theme?

Thank you,



  • Hi,

    the error "The package could not be installed. The package contains no files." means that you have not deregistered the website before moving. Please deregister it on both domains and register again on the new one. If this is not possible, then please send us access to your WP dashboard along with full purchase code that you have used for theme registration, so we can take a closer look. All details has to be sent privately via form on

    Notice! Please do not forget to attach your license key in the message.

  • Thanks for the info.

    I only deregistered my license key from the old site. With your instructions, I also deregistered the key from my present site, then registered it again and it worked and the theme updated.

    Thank you.

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