Mega Menu not showing in menu instead shown in new page as page content

Also there is no way in your documentation where you shown how to add mega menu in a menu


  • Hi,

    yes, all details about creating mega menu and assigning it to menu, you will find in the tutorial on YT.

  • Its working on menu which is created by us i-e custom header template, but its not working on menu if we use pre installed web template you have provided i am using 3dprint web template from 700 of yours web templates, please check it, i have checked it twice. Please also guide me about how to import header template from pre-installed 700 theme, just as we import a single page from template in builder, i am unable to find any option for importing header from these 700 web templates.

  • Mega Menu can be assigned to custom header only and not built-in headers. This is how it supposed to work so all works fine here. 3Dprint don't have custom header built with header builder.

    Regarding prebuilt headers, you can insert only those located under prebuilt sections when editing/creating custom header.

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