Megamenu showing offscreen, when mouse is over during page loading

Hi, I have glitch with megamenu showing partialy offscreen, when mouse is over megamenu area during page loading. After page is loaded, megamenu works normally. (see attached video).

This megamenu temporary glitch is also on the original betheme website - Architect 6. Customer is requesting me to handle this. Could please help with some solution. Like maybe to megamenu fade in or something similar to avoid this occasional glitch. Thank you.


  • Hi,

    This behavior is due to how web pages operate and the order in which resources are loaded. First, the HTML with the page code is loaded (in this case, the menu content), then the CSS styles (the appearance of the menu), followed by images and videos, and finally, the JS responsible for dynamic elements (the position of the menu relative to the page). Executing these parts of the code in a different order is impossible. The only solution would be to turn off the hover and click functionalities during loading. Still, this solution is not recommended because the user could not navigate to any of the subpages during this time.

  • Thanks for replay. Do you think it would be possible to slow down the display of the megamenu for example with a slower fade in? It may possibly reduce the possibility of glitch appearance.

  • We tried this already in the past but didn't helped.

  • Thanks for answer.

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