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Hi there,

I hope you can assist me in an issue i'm having. Since updating to the latest version on Betheme, i seem to be having issues when i view the website on mobile.

Is this an overflow flex setting that i have overlooked?

Please see URL and screen shots attached for your reference. https://www.chicaneauctions.com.au/


  • Hi,

    For the wrap in the Advanced tab, a width greater than the screen width of the device has been set what you can see on https://pasteboard.co/INw8NOxQDTXt.png

    Just add the following custom css declaration to Theme Options > Custom JS & CSS > Custom CSS and this will do the trick:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
      #Wrapper {
        overflow-x: hidden;

    And, if you want to avoid these small scrolls on side, you should disable Pinch To Zoom option in Theme Options -> Responsive tab.

  • Perfect, worked a charm!

    thanks for your help today :)

  • Could you please help me with a different question.

    I would like to change the current colour of the links in the footer (widget area) from yellow to red. Is this done by CSS and if so can you show me the css i need to add?

    screenshot attached of the area im talking about

    Thanks again

  • Footer links color can be changed in Theme Options -> Colors -> Footer section.

  • I had looked at changing the color through the theme options but it

    wont make the change on the front end.

    Screen shot attached of Theme Options -> Colors -> Footer section - In theory should the color now be red, and not yellow?

    I had the same issue with trying to change the colors in the menu and eventually had to resort to using the following css

    #Top_bar .menu > li.hover> a{

     color: #ff0000;


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  • HI,

    I can see that the link colors in the Footer are now red.

    Did you handle this in the meantime?

    Best regards

  • Hi there,

    I see that the link colors in the footer are now red. I'm guessing it may have been a caching issue as it was not appearing red before.

    Either way the issue is resolved.


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