Problem with responsive

Good morning.
As in the attached screenshots, but you can also check my website yourself (only the Home tab)
it is somehow narrower than the page layout in the mobile view.


  • Hi,

    what's narrower exactly? Just checked your site on mobile and it looks great.

    Would be great if you can provide further details.

  • Hi Albert, it looks good, but try to swipe left (it only happens on the home page) and you will see both on your mobile device and in the browser preview that the page can be "swiped" to the left and it expands strangely. Similarly, the sticky menu bar "moves" to the right after scrolling the page. I showed it on the screenshots

  • Ohh, got it. This happens in Safari only, just realized. It's due to lack of overflow which is incompatible with css declarations fore sticky wraps. Please put the following custom css in Theme Options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS and this will do the trick:

    #Wrapper {
      overflow-x: hidden;

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