Single page import not working

I am trying to import the page below and nothing happens when I do it. I know some pages must be updated on your end for the import to work. Is this one of those pages?


  • Hi,

    We had to update the tool responsible for single-page import on that demo.

    Please try again now.

    Best regards

  • It is working now. Thank you

  • I can't change the text color after importing that page. I changed it to black but nothing happens. I assume that is the correct box for the text color. I tried every box and the color didn't change anywhere when I tried it.

  • I don't know what happened now. I tried to change the text color in Theme Options and it changes the entire background to some white color instead of the color in the screenshot in the previous post. I tried to go to a previous save and the save doesn't change anything. I can never get the history or back button options to work right.

    Is the website not able to go back to how it was now? I don't know what else it changed as I now see th burger menu on there and it wasn't before.

  • 1) The color of the text did not change because it is a heading. In Column Text element, color affects only regular text. Headings take their colors from theme options, and if you want to change its color without modifying theme colors, you must apply inline CSS.

    2) Please send us the WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.


  • I got the flu after the post on the 23rd and hadn't been able to come back and check it until now.

    I sent in the credentials through the contact form. The burger menu has appeared for some reason when I tried to change the text color I menitoned in the post from the 23rd. I can't get it to go away on the desktop version of the website. There is also a small white line now at the top of the header now. The mobile site looks like the desktop site now and I don't know why that happened or how to get it back to how it was. I have tried hiding the Default and Sticky from tablets and mobile but it is still there.

    This is what the mobile site looks like on my phone

    This is sort of what it looked like before everything changed but the logo was centered. I don't have a screenshot of the mobile site with everything fixed.

  • It seems that you have some caching enabled on your server.

    Please disable it, and check if the problem persists.

    If it will not help, please let me know and I will recheck that, but you must keep caching disabled.

    Best regards

  • The white line is still at the top of the page. I am not sure how to solve that issue. The sticky menu isn't working now. When I click on Sticky on the top right , the header isn't even on the page anymore.

  • I think I figured out the white line at the top. I adjusted the margin of the section and it closed the gap. I assume that was the correct way to fix it. The sticky menu issue is still happening though.

    When I click on Sticky on the top right , the header isn't even on the page anymore. The header also doesn't stick when scrolling. All the settings are the same as they were when it was working so I am not sure what is causing this.

  • After editing the margin to fix the white line at the top, I now can't edit the sections at top. I can see them on the page until I move the cursor into the header and then they disappear. Sorry for all the posts back to back. The two issues I have now are the sections disappearing and sticky header problem in the previous post.

    I can see the sections before I put my cursor in the header.

    This is what it looks like after I move the cursor into the header. The sections disappear. This happened after I adjusted the Top box in the Margin section of Spacing.

  • 1) The sticky header had a custom height set to 10px (?).

    I have removed it and added some padding to the sticky version, and it shows correctly on your website.

    (added background color for better visibility)

    2) The same as in the Sticky header, the first section has a 10px custom height. It would be better if you left it as a default.

    You should also add a background color to it because it causes the white color at the top.

    And lastly, you should remove the negative margin from the next section.

    Best regards

  • Thank you. I'm not sure how that 10x height got on there as I never touched that part. It must have happened when I tried to roll back at the beginning of this. The rollback also added the white line. I'm just not sure how to use that feature I guess. When you refer to removing the negative margin, are you referring to the -12 I put in the top margin?

  • Yes, that is what I meant.

    This negative margin is not necessary there.

    Best regards

  • edited November 9

    The sticky menu is only working on mobile. It isn't working on desktop or laptop. In the Sticky section of the header builder I still can't see the header with the background and menus. I can see the two sections on the left and right but that's it.

  • Sticky header works:

    You might not see it because when you are logged in, it might be hidden behind the WP top bar.

    You must adjust it, as I showed in the first point of my previous message.

    Best regards

  • I removed the 10x you mentioned. What else are you saying to adjust?

    When I'm not logged in and I scroll down, the header doesn't stay on top of the page.

  • The sticky header section has 10px custom height:

    Remove it, and leave it as default.

    You can add some background color to it as well and some top and bottom padding.

    Best regards

  • But still, you can add padding and background color for the sticky header section.

    Best regards

  • I removed the 10x and added color and then saw just that top section appear but not the header menus and logo. Then I used navigator and noticed 2 sections that had the menus and logos in them. One of the sections had desktop and laptop off so I enabled them and it appears now. Is the 2nd section in navigator with the exact same menus for mobile or something? I never noticed that before.

  • Do I need to use CSS for the size of the text in the columns? The first column has H3 and H5 which is good but the second column doesn't have anything referencing the size of the text. If I need to use CSS how do I go about doing that?

  • 1) Sorry, but I do not understand this:

    Is the 2nd section in navigator with the exact same menus for mobile or something?

    Can you explain that greater, please?

    2) If you used the Column Text element, then indeed, you must use custom CSS to adjust the font size.

    If you use the Heading element, then you can adjust the font in the Style tab of the heading element.

    Best regards

  • I didn't see any heading element for the 2nd column under Style. Do I put the CSS in the Text section of the column? Do I delete everything out and put in the custom CSS? Do you know of any guides for creating this?

  • I meant this element:

    If you want to use CSS in the Column Text element, you should add class/inline CSS to the HTML tag.

    Note that you should use inline CSS or class, not both at the same time.

    Best regards

  • If I use the inline CSS, do I wipe out the text that is already in there and start over? There is other code in there that I'm not sure what it does. The second column text box has the section starting with "Are you ready for an exciting..." in there twice for some reason.

    With the inline CSS can I make some sentences one size and others a different size?

    I don't know anything about CSS so I will look for some videos on it.

  • You can learn more about CSS on the following website:

    If you want to have three different sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile, inline CSS is not a good solution. You should use Classes with media queries, but if you are unfamiliar with CSS, I would go with my first suggestion from the previous comment (Heading element). With this element, you do not have to know CSS at all, and you will be able to adjust everything in the Style tab (as I showed on screenshots).

    Note that it is a separate element, and you should drag and drop it in the builder just like the Column Text element.

    Best regards

  • Would the heading element replace the column box or would just the bigger text go in the heading element? I'm confused because the first column box has h in there and I thought that was the heading.

  • First, put the heading with the Heading element, and below that, put regular text with the Column Text element.

    Just like we do in every new pre-built website:

    Best regards

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