BeBuilder I cannot update and history version is "corrupted" ?


It happens several times to me in BeBuilder that a page arrives at a state where any change made is not taken into account even when I click Update and I see the modal saying that the page is Updated even though it is not.

And I cannot roll back in the history of the page as I have something like this in the history

I don't know how to debug this situation or what triggered it. I lost days worth of work because of that, the only deterministic way to reproduce the bug (but not the only one) is that when I press Ctrl +Z , the page goes in that state,i .e., update won't work and history is "corrupted".

What can I do to debug this ? Or prevent it from happenning ? I fairly new to BeTheme. Is there somewhere I can consult logs or information in my wordpress dashboard ?

Any information is welcomed

A desperate webdesigner


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