MYSQL Database Update

Hello team,

I'm not very experienced at this, but I have the following problem:

BeTheme ist now installed with a whole website on a 5.7 MYSQL database that I now need to update, because some plugins won't update anymore to this older MYSQL version.

Is there anything I have to know BeTheme-wise before I update the database? Can this bring some problems?

Or maybe I can make a full backup of the whole website, install BeTheme on a new updated MYSQL database and just implement the backup again?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


  • Hi,

    It is always hard to predict what might happen.

    Probably everything should go well, but it is always good to be secure and create a backup of the whole website.

    Your hosting provider should have some guide/article explaining how to create a backup of your website from your server properly.

    Best regards

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