Eco 3 demo import pages issues

I tried to import the pre-built ECO 3 site, but it only imported the homepage. Is there a place to download .xmls of the pages to solve manually or do you know how to help me? Thank you


  • Hey,

    No, there is no place to download xmls. Please send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately through the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.


  • Did you have a WPML plugin active while importing that pre-built website?

    If yes, then it was the root cause. For the pre-built website installation process, you should make all plugins inactive cause all required for the demo plugins to install automatically, and the rest you can activate later.

    Anyway, I have corrected it on your website. Please check it out.

    Best regards

  • Thanks, it works. In fact I had loaded the site keeping WPML and other plugins active. Thank you

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