How to set up blogposts?

Hello team,

I know how to create and design a blog overview page (Loop Builder) so that the blog posts load into it and look the way I want them to.

But how exactly do I create a single blog post in a simple way? Especially if the customer is supposed to create it?

When I want to create a new blog post, an empty BeBuilder page appears in which I have to insert all the individual elements. I would need a view like the Wordpress Editor used to have, where you simply define the image, title and content.

Unfortunately there is no video from you on how exactly to use the blog function?

Thank you very much!


  • I also tried to create a single post template. But when I choose it by creating a new blogpost, the blogpost is still empty, asking me for how the first section should look like.

    Please help!

  • Hi,

    You can create a Single Post template if you want to have all posts with the same layout and different content.

    You can build any layout you want, and in the Post Content element, you define if the content should be taken from WP Editor or BeBuilder.

    Best regards

  • I've already been that far. However, when I select a previously defined "Single Post" template, I still don't see a layout when I want to create a new blog post. It's just a completely empty BeBuilder page without sections, without boxes, without anything.

    And yes, I have previously selected the template.

  • In the post, you build only post content (an element I pointed out in my screenshot above), which does not display the template in the post edition. However, the template is working, and when you publish the post, the layout of the template will be displayed.

    Best regards

  • Ahh okay now I understand. But can I somehow set an default layout for the "Post content" -part, so that I can make it easier for the customer to post something by their own?

    Thank you!

  • Do you mean in BeBuilder?

    If yes, there is no option for that, and the layout in BeBuilder is always the same.

    Best regards

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