Global sections and wraps not supporting shop elements?


Let's say I want to create a global section which is the main layout of every single product page. Then I want to create Single Product template which contains the Global section and only some specific elements as an extra (depending on product category).

The current issue is that shop elements are missing from the Global templates. Is there any cure for this?


  • Hi,

    The product template by itself is global for all products you assign it to. Everything you create in the template (beyond product content) is shared for all products assigned to this template.

    WooCommerce elements in global sections/wraps would only generate issues when such global sections/wraps will be used on pages that are not products or products list.

    If you attach a screenshot showing the layout/functionality you want to achieve, I will take a look and let you know how it might be resolved.

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    I appreciate your help on this case. What I have done currently is that I have created Global Wraps for the print methods on the left and another Global Wrap for the shipping time + ECO "true" combination. These are called in Product Description with BeBuilder. There is a lot of playing there with margins, also negative margins. Not the best and can cause some alignment issues on occasion.

  • This can be done with multiple templates with a combination of global wraps.

    So for example all products with ECO tag/category can display a template assigned to this tag/category with global wrap with appropriate elements.

    Best regards

  • So you mean that I'd have to create separate Single Product templates and assign the particular templates to the single products or whole categories?

  • I meant the whole categories. Assigning it to particular products might be time-consuming unless you have only a few such products.

    Best regards

  • Got it. The issue with this method is that I must be really sure that I won't change the product page general look, otherwise it means a lot of time consuming work for all the different Single Product templates. That's why I thought it might be wise to enable the customer to create Sections also with Shop items.

  • Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, it might cause many unpredictable issues, so adding shop elements to global sections/wraps is impossible.

    We are currently working on the conditional login, and maybe it would be helpful for you, but I cannot tell when it will be available as it is still in the development and test phase.

    Best regards

  • Ok, thanks for the info. I'll keep myself updated on the news.

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