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dear Phil,

I have an issue here i dont know how to solve. I have a new client, that already has betheme installed in her web, but has no access to the key, because the previous developer has flown. So if i migrate the web to another hosting without de-registering it previously, when i import database, do i have to register the theme again? Is there a way to extract the key if i gave you access to admin panel? How may i proceed?

Thanks in advance, as always.


  • Hi,

    The license key is assigned to a domain, so if you change the hosting you will not have to do anything with the license key.

    Best regards

  • Ok, for now. But if i want to migrate to another is there a way for you to, access to wp-admin given, extract the number?


  • No, there is no option for that. If the domain changes, a new license key must be assigned to it unless the previous developer returns and gives you the license key.

    From a technical point of view, the previous developer is the owner of the license key and it is assigned to its account (if I understand the situation correctly).

    Best regards

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