Single page Import not working


I try to import the portfolio page

and the blog page

But neither works. Is this normal?



  • Hi,

    Archive pages like blog or portfolio cannot be imported because they are not built with BeBuilder and are auto-populated with content.

    The rest of the pages should be able to be imported correctly, but there is an outdated tool responsible for the single page import. We will update it shortly, and you should be able to import pages like home, about us, or contact.

    Best regards

  • Ok thank you for your quick answer :)

    So there is no theme in which I could copy the blog or portfolio template?

  • You are welcome. 😉

    No, because these pages were not built with BeBuilder.

    You must define the layout of the Blog or Portfolio in the Theme options.

    Best regards

  • Perfect, Thank you.

    Best regards

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