checkout error

I installed the theme without any problems, but I encountered an issue on the payment page. This message appears 'There are no payment methods available. This may be an error on our side. Please contact us if you need any help placing your order.'

I am providing PayPal as the payment gateway.


  • Hi,

    Please activate any other theme, like Twenty Twenty, and check if the same thing happens there.

    When you do that, please let me know about the results.


  • edited November 2023

    I installed the Twenty Twenty theme, and it's working well in Classic Checkout , but in Checkout block, The problem also appears

    When I make edits on the payment page and click on the message that I sent a picture of, this message appears on the side.

    When I activate the Betheme and change the Checkout page to Classic Checkout, the payment methods appear.

  • It seems to be the WooCommerce configuration itself.

    In that case, you should contact their support team instead.

    Best regards

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