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Hi there,

we created website for end customer (https://www.pfister-moebelwerkstatt.de/) (sorry guys, is in german language).

We are using the "Portfolio" to present the products the company does produce. This is working great - but: customer wanted to have some "special" layout for portfolio "category slug"-Page that. e.g. he wanted to see the titles on top of the images and so on.

So we created a new site and played around query loops (awesome feature btw.) and got the layout working like it should (final result: https://www.pfister-moebelwerkstatt.de/wohnen/).

Our query loop config looks like that:

As you can see we're using the "Order by: ID" to sort those Portfolio Sites. Now the customer wants to change the order for some products. That shouldn't be a problem (we thought) because on initial setup we set those "order IDs" on each portfolio page:

But those order IDs seems to have no effect on the query loop that we created. Yes we cleared cache and so on.

For example, the last product, that was added: https://www.pfister-moebelwerkstatt.de/produkte/fernsehschrank-linoleum/ ......

.... Is still on last here: https://www.pfister-moebelwerkstatt.de/wohnen/ ...

... even we changed the order to "2" and the current product on position 2 we changed to 31 (last position).

Sorry for long text - I tried to explain with all details (i hope).

Thanks in advance.




WordPress 6.4.1; beTheme 27.2.11; PHP 8.3


  • Hi,

    Order by ID refers to page ID:

    There is missing an option to order by Order.

    I have passed it to the dev team, and we will add it in future updates, as, indeed, there should be an option for that.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no option to order by Order in query loops.

    Best regards

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    Hi Phil,

    thanks for your quick response. Oh, I didn't expect that the order by ID would be based on the page ID.

    Thanks for forwarding this to dev team, would be awesome if we're seeing this in future updates.

    Can you estimate an approximate time period when there might be a "fix" for this? Or is there any official roadmap to take a look into it? It's just that I can give the end customer some informations. :-)

    Have a great weekend! Best regards


  • We do not have a roadmap or ETA when this will be out, but we will try to implement it as soon as possible.

    Best regards

  • Great, thanks Phil!

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