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Renaming wp-content folder / wp-content hard-coded

We (as do many people) rename the wp-content folder in the wp-config.php file. This causes no problems with the themes or plugins but in Be|theme there are three files in which wp-content is hard-coded: style.php / style-colors.php, style-1.php:

$url     = dirname( __FILE__ );
$strpos = strpos( $url, 'wp-content' );
$base     = substr( $url, 0, $strpos );

This should really be changed to follow best practices ;-)


  • Hey,

    thanks for this suggestion but as far as we know this is technically not possible to do it. This must be hardcoded and changed in those files because wordpress doesn`t see any variable from this position. If this will be possible then of course we can change it but unfortunately in this case it is not.

    Thanks for understanding ;)
  • No problem, I do understand that. Perhaps you could add this information to the instructions though? It took a while for me to find what was causing the problem and these files need to be saved in the child theme so they don't get overwritten.
  • Good idea. We`ll try to add into into doc with future update. Thanks for this explanation! :)
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