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I created a product, category and home page templates with BeBuilder and every time I load a page or click refresh the loading of styles are kind of delayed. You can see this on the video below:

As you can see on second video (I recorded the first video in slow motion) even some icon above the product image is showing up and after second disappears because it should not be here. Why this happens and how can I fix this?

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  • Hi,

    It is a regular style loading.

    You can shorten the loading process by following tips mentioned here:



  • Hi,

    it looks like theme's css is loading firstly, and right after that the bebuilder's file is loading and changing default styles. It looks like this:

    default styles are loading -> after some time default styles are changed for bebuilder's styles

    Example. In theme setting the price color is blue, I made a category page with black prices:


    And there are much more issues like this: margins, paddings, colors, backgrounds, icons. I don't think that making website faster will change something. It's just css loading issue. My website is loading in 1.5s on pc any way.

    Can I change css loading order to always load first bebuilder's css? What else can I do to fix this?

  • The only setting that moves CSS files is placed in Betheme -> Theme options -> Performance.

    But there is no more setting that would expand options for that.

    You can also use the Builder local styles option to load style Inline in the header, but this option does not work for templates, as they are used globally for more than one page.

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