Filters doesn't work on BabyShop themes

I'm using the BabyShop theme and the catalog filters don't work:

I also noticed an error in the widgets section:

note that the "widget_mfn_woo_attributes" block is the filter block


  • The new version of WordPress stores widgets in a rendered form, so if the version on which our pre-built website was generated differs from your version of WordPress, it is necessary to regenerate it.

    To do this, go to Appearance > Widgets, find the Plugin | WooCommerce sidebar, remove the existing Be Shop Attributes widget, and add it again, selecting the filters you want to display.

    Product prices are stored in the cache, so you need to change the product price for it to update and appear in the filter by price.

  • Thanks for your help, the problem has been solved ✔️.

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