using shortcode on Checkout pages

My client uses Sumup woocomerce payment gateway plugin and there is an issue with the payment method not showing on my checkout page. (see first screenshot)

their support has come back to say that it is because my theme (Bebuilder) uses blocks rather than the shortcode. [woocommerce_checkout]

Is there a way around this?

the link to the website is


  • Hi,

    In all our pre-built websites till this time, we used shortcode [woocommerce_checkout].

    We have not used blocks yet, and they are fresh things in WooCommerce, as far as I know.

    You can replace blocks with this shortcode, but I do not know what plans have WooCommerce regarding them.

    Best regards

  • So because I have set this up myself and the page is generated by woo commerce plugin is that blocks then?

  • Yes, that is correct.

    I just installed WooCommerce on a clean website to check that, and with the newest version, WooCommerce puts new blocks instead of previous shortcodes by default.

    Best regards

  • Thanks. Made the cart/account and checkout using shortcodes and it has resolved the issue

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