Translation options stock status and up to words in filter

Hi, I'm very satisfied with your theme!

Only thing I don't know where to translate the STOCK STATUS and the UP TO words. Attached images. Now I'm facing with the problem that filter by price just disappeared from shearch sidebar in shop page ( I'm searching solutions but I guess it's not the theme's fault.

So about translating the pics:

thanks in advance,



  • Hi,

    Happy to see that our theme suits you. 😁

    Anyway, when I tried to check your website, it did not load.

    Are you sure that the URL is correct?

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    Yes, it's correct. I didn't activated the ssl yet... main domain points elsewhere now.. but should be working

    Merry Xmas Phil

  • Unfortunately, I still cannot access your website.

    Can you tell me which widgets you used in the sidebar?

    I will try to replicate this issue in my environment.


  • Hi Phil,

    thank you for trying to help me with the price filter widget disappearing problem.

    I'm using just 3 widgets: stock, price and be shop attributes.

    I was wondering maybe the server safty setup doesn't let the domain see wordwide, just for regions... But I don't want to change that, there are different sites in the server, can you use VPN?

    Please have a look and if you need more access let me know.

    Please don't forget to explain me where to translate the sidebar STOCK STATUS and the UP TO (to price filter) words too.

    Thanks, Phil


  • Unfortunately, I could not replicate that and cannot use the VPN.

    Can you check if the same thing happens with these filters when you switch to another theme like Twenty Twenty, please?


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