Testimonial Categories Not Displaying

I created this Reviews page using the Testimonials feature: https://f6a.128.myftpupload.com/reviews-993/. The testimonies display perfectly, but the categories assigned to them don't display at all.

I was expecting the Testimonial categories to display just like the Portfolio categories do, above the slider, with an ALL button, followed by the categories listed alphabetically: https://f6a.128.myftpupload.com/marketing-1047/portfolio/.

I created the Testimonial and Portfolio pages and categories using default WP tools, not Slider Revolution, but my Slider Revolution plugin is active. Could it be producing a conflict? I have no other installed, active or deactivated slider- or testimonial-type plugins.

As you can see from this snapshot of the editor view of page 1 of my testimonials, they all have categories assigned to them:

How do I get the testimony categories to appear on my Reviews page so that visitors can sort them by type?



  • Hi,

    Testimonials do not work like Portfolio and do not have filters available.

    Categories for testimonials are for choosing them in the Testimonials element.

    Best regards

  • Sorry but this doesn't quite answer my question.

    I understand that Portfolio and Testimonials don't operate the same way, but what's the point of setting Testimonial categories if the categories don't display or if the user can't filter by category?

    I'm not sure how or where you're accessing the above screen / information you shared?

    Here's how I set up the Testimonials:

  • As I showed in my previous categories are for choosing a particular category in the Testimonials element. That is the point.

    What I showed in my screenshot is a Testimonials element in the BeBuilder.

    If you want to mimic filters, you can create a separate regular page for each testimonial category, put on it the Testimonials element with the appropriate category selected, and on the main page with the Testimonials, you can put links to the pages with these categories.

    Best regards

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