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Even with enabling caching and the performance optimizer tool , my website still loading slowly, here is the link , here are the analysis for the home page speed, how to optimize the speed using betheme

Thank you


  • Hi,

    The Betheme was created with the utmost care when it comes to the aspect of page speed loading. Many elements have been optimized as much as possible in WordPress.

    There is many different factors that may has an impact on page speed like: heavy media (images, videos, etc.), 3rd party plugins, poor hosting, internet connection between server location and your current point, etc. There are many reasons which are independent of us or theme.

    If you will navigate to (this is one of our client's website built recently) you will see that on mobile it's 96/100 but on desktop 100/100 which is an astonishing result. No other product come close to such high results.



    Above site was built with Betheme & <a href="">BeBuilder</a>. No caching plugins. It's just clean Betheme out of the box.

    So, we recommend to start from disabling 3rd party plugins and focus on media used on site. Also, we suggest to check Performance tab under Theme Options as there is some nice options that may speed up your site as well. However, they should be used wisely and in accordance with the guidelines. It's also worth considering using a caching plugin like WP Rocket.

    P.S. Below, we have few links to articles where you can read about page speed.

  • Hello Albert

    Thank you for your reply 😊 , well I tried to test one of the prebuilt websites. , here're the results:

    On my side, I tried to optimize the website but still getting bad results.


  • This demo wasn't built in terms of page speed. On this demo, we did not even applied recommended settings from Theme Options > Performance. You simply can't have everything. If you want to focus on page speed, you should focus on light, low quality media (images, videos, etc), don't use plugins like Slider Revolution, disable all unnecessary stuff, etc. But f you want all the bells and whistles (animations, sliders, etc) then you can forget about good results in tools like Page Speed Insights. Therefore, you have to choose which way you want to go as you can't have everything.

    If you look on the page I sent you link above, you will see there is no bells and whistles and developer working on that site focused on page speed only. Also, you should remember that plugins like WooCommerce adds lot's of own files that might lower page speed but this is something we have no impact on.

    For example, if you look on the image below, you will see that the tool tells you to eliminate all those render-blocking resources but they all comes from WooCommerce? What does it mean? The tool tells you simply not to use WooCommerce. Page Speed Insights is no oracle and as with everything, you need to find a golden mean between what you need and what you don't. Every situation is different and no two cases are the same.

    Also, as mentioned above, you can use plugin like WP Rocket, which rapes all files and maybe in your case this will be something that will satisfy you.

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