problem with side widget


I need help. 

I am using Gutenberg editor and tabs and side menu.

When the page is loaded on the first tab - the side menu works fine. 

for example for example

But if I go to the second tab (Documentation), then the side menu stops working. 

It remains at the top (not pinned)

If you go directly to the second tab, for example,

then, the side menu works normally on this tab.

But there is an error when going to the first tab. 

The problem is in the maximum height parameter for the side menu! 

How can I solve this problem? 

That is, how can I change the maximum height of the side menu if the page changes by tab? 


  • Hi,

    Can you record your screen and send me a link to a video showing your problem? I checked your website and I did not notice anything wrong.

    Also, I see that these tabs comes from some external plugin which we do not support, so our help here might be limited.

    Best regards

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