Website not working well after de-installing and installing Betheme

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Today I de-installed and installed Betheme. Why? Because I created a new website for, but started building on another domain. After it was build, I moved the website to the right domain with Duplicator. After moving a website with duplicator, I always have problems with updating Betheme. It's never possible.

I always have to de-install Betheme, then install it again and fill in the purchase code.

But now: Betheme is not working well. The website looks strange sometimes. Like the CSS is not working. If I want to change things in the backend, I see a lot of strange things and I can not even change items.

Somethimes the website is working fine. But when you refresh the website, you will what I mean. Sometimes the blue background of the footer turns white, dark blue buttons will turn light blue and the menu looks strange. A lot of elements are no longer visible, as they used to be.

Can someone please help me? I also uploaded two print screens to show the problem.

Thanks in advance!



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