YouTube Video Indexing/ Yoas Video Sitemap

Hey there, got a few "video posts" in which the Video url is set so that video is insead of post image:

BUT: neither google nor yoast video sitemap can't index those videos.

Could't you find a possibility that yoast or google can read "video post" YT-url?



  • Hi,

    Sorry, but I quite do not understand. Can you explain that more, please?

    The post with video type is not indexing, or do you mean that the video inside the post is not indexed?

    It would be great if you provide more detail about this.


  • Hi Phil,

    the video inside the post is not indexed in yoast video xml.

    In Wordpress it's possible to choose "Post Type Video Post". Then the Video is embeded instead of a picture upon an blog post.

    In Screenshot upon you see, that you can set the Video ID (in my case YT) in there. But then nether google analytics nor Yoast can index this video in the post.

    If you want i can show you live.


  • It looks like some plugin modifies it. Please see the source and how it looks on your website:

    And this is how it should look:

    Please disable all of the plugins except YOAST and check if the same thing happens.

    Best regards

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