Multiple images on single portfolio page


I want to show multiple images on a single portfolio page. Is that somehow possible? I can only add 1 featured image at the moment.


  • Hi,

    You can add image elements or gallery element to the portfolio page content.

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  • Hi,

    Im still not sure how to do this. This is what I did so far. I created a template (under Templates) for the single portfolio page. I've added that it pulls the featured image from a portfolio project and the title and content. But how can I pull multiple pictures from a portfolio project when you can't add these to a project? I can only add one feature image.

    Can I only solve this by not creating a template (for all projects) but just building up a portfolio project page and then copy/paste it each time I want to add a project?


  • Edit the portfolio project and put images/gallery into its content.

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  • Unfortunately this does not work if you have a template for all portfolio items. It doesn't show up. Only when you use the classic Wordpress builder/editor.

    Is there another way?

  • What do you mean by it is not working?

    If, in the Post Content element, you choose the source BeBuilder, then it should work properly.

    If you use the Default option and build your content with WP Editor, you must insert the gallery there.

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  • Thank you, this worked!

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