Client slider logo size and nav


i have a few questions about help needed for the client slider -

1: how do I make the customer logos bigger

2: how do I get the logos to scroll continuously and smoothly

3: how do I remove the left and right navigation icons/buttons from the client slider

URL is here -

Thank you very much :)


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    1) Logos in the client slider element are pre-defined and cannot be increased. If you want to have bigger images, you must use the Query Loops.

    2) If you use Query Loop for that, you can set it up in the Style tab. If you stay with the element, you can activate it in Betheme -> Theme options -> Global Sliders.

    3) For the Client slider element, custom CSS is required. For Query Loop, you only have to skip enabling arrows.

    Best regards

  • Hi, Thank you for this, i have followed the video for Query loops but the logos I have added don't scroll, I have selected "display"- Slider, infinite loop on and auto speed 3000 all the images are in a row but they don't scroll?

    under the wrap settings, do I select "query type" Post and "post type" and "Categories included "Clients" for this?

    Thank you

  • Where do you have it on your website?

    Despite regular client slider I do not see a Query Loop.

    Best regards

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