Installed Design 4 theme - Homepage is missing the top banner?

Hey there,

I followed your How to install a theme video on youtube. I chose to install the design 4 website them specifically. I really wanted that website layout and it's the entire reason why I purchased this package.

After installing it and reinstalling it a few times, I cant get the home page (index) to look right. The top banner is missing, and it's only missing on the homepage. It works fine on every other page.

Here is my site live :

Here is what the theme index page is supposed to look like:

What can I do to fix this? I'm using the themeforest wordpress only files for install.

Also I have this other issue realting to htaccess? I'm not sure what that is and how to fix that neither under system settings. Are the two issues related? (I've attached a img of the error code)


  • Hey guys I actually ended up fixing it.

    The solution was to first install the betheme then the child theme via the main file format from the themeforest download.

    Then I activated the child theme which was a more updated version (2.7 instead of 2.0 I think) and that solved all my issues so far.

    My mistake was I just installed the wordpress only files and that must have been missing some key code needed to run the top banner animation.

    Thank you, I'll be back with future woocomerce questions in the future, I'm sure.


  • Hi,

    That is pretty strange; however, it is good to see that you handled it and it worked correctly for you.

    If you have any other questions or problems, feel free to ask.

    Best regards

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