Insert link & disable zoom

Hello everyone,

Two questions :)


I want to set a link to the following images. However, they are inserted as wrap background images. On the homepage, when you click on the individual images of the individual dishes like "Pizza, Pasta, Döner… etc.", you get to the menu.


When I add a photo and link a PDF file to it... The image is zoomed in when I hover over it with the mouse , I want to disable this. How do I do that?


  • I was able to answer the second question myself; it was the hover effect that needed to be disabled.

  • Hi,

    You can replace wrap backgrounds with an Image element and assign a link to it.

    Or if you want to leave it as a wrap background, then you can put an HTML element instead of the divider, insert <a> tag with the appropriate link and <div> tag inside <a>, and set some height with inline styles. Like that:

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