Responsive menu doesn't display on desktop


I am contacting you again about a problem with responsive menu of the website :

I updated Betheme recently and it happened.

The responsive menu in the side pane is not displayed on desktop. In the HTML code of the page, the nav tag does not appear (apart from the DESK version which is hidden).

Attached a screen about what I am talking about.

I will send you access to the wesite by message.

Thank you for your reply.


  • Hello,

    Please turn off all of the plugins, refresh your cache, and check if the problem persists.

    Moreover, if you use a child theme, switch to parent, and recheck it.

    If this will not help please send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately through the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.


  • Hello again,

    I found the problem, it was because the Google Language Translator plugin.

    Thank you for your help.

  • I am happy to see that you found the root cause.

    If you have any other questions or problems, feel free to ask.

    Best regards

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