Several questions - start


just started with Be Theme and Be Builder and have a few short questions. For my fist site, I installed the pre built site "Agency 5" and want to modify and make some changes.

Hope you can give me some support :-)

1. I want to replace the revo slider at the start page with a single image. Should be the same look & feel like the slider (same position, same size) but only with one single image. What do I have to change?

2. How can I remove the "Buy now" - Button from the menu bar? Please see no. 2 in the attached screenshot

3. How can I remove all green lines (background images? css?) over the whoöe site. The lines appear at different positions in the pages/site. Please see no. 3 in the attached screenshot. Can't find any settings how to remove. Don't want just delete olny all images from the media, I want to remove them by code

4. What is the best practise to use local hosted (google) fonts due to GDPR issues?

Thanks a lot for your support.



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