Report bug - template display

Cf capture, all informations are showed in very small colum.

PS : where is the form for report bug ?



  • Hi,

    In the Templates tab, you must open Screen Options and disable all SEO-related info.

    And you are in the correct place (this forum) if you want to report issues.

    Best regards

  • OK thanks for information !

    But it's not convenient use.

    There is a lot of blank spaces in the table, if the template have a long title, there are a lot of line break :/

    Maybe let more place for title in next updates of BeTheme :)

    Ok i'm on the correct place for report bug, thanks :)

  • Sometimes, external plugins include their own information there, and we do not have influence on that. We can only suggest disabling them in the Screen Options.

    Best regards

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