Colors mobile menu wrong


I am using the mega menu for my project and I was able to customize everything for desktop but I cannot change the colors in the mobile menu.

How can I change the purple to a different color (#00A7B4)?


  • Hi,

    Edit your header template, open hamburger menu element options, and you will find options for that in the Style tab.

    Best regards

  • Thanks, that worked perfectly!

    And another question regarding the menu:

    I am using the mega menu and on desktop everything is displayed just fine.

    Unfortunately on mobile, the subcategories are not visible (as you can see in my first screenshot). When I add them in the customizer as usual, they destroy the mega menu in desktop view. How can I add the subcategories without having to turn off the mega menu?

  • You must create a separate menu for the mobile display, and assign it to the menu burger.

    Best regards

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