How we can modify sidecart


I would like to ask, how is that possible to modify the sidecart. Can this be done from the builder or i need to modify any theme files, please if i need to modify theme file let me know where exactly.

I would like to remove subtotal, total and change the text from checkout button.

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  • Hello,

    Ok already found the solutions i was looking for the previous question, but i have some more questions please.

    1) I would like to ask how i can change the checkout form fields, i want to simplify the checkout form fields.

    2) The return to shop button from the empty cart page either the continue shopping button when the cart has some products, returns me to a specific product how i can change this redirection? ( Preferrable when the cart is empty the return to shop i would like to return the client to the main categories and the continue shopping button to the previous product or state the client was viewing)

    Kind regards.

  • Hi,

    1) Can you explain in more detail what you mean by saying that you want to simplify those fields, please?

    2) There is no setting for that. You would have to modify theme files in which we do not provide help.

    But if you want to see this feature in future updates, please let us know on the following topic:

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    1) I would like to know how is that possible to change the fields of the checkout page, my website is request of query so i don't need all the existing fields from the checkout page and i would like of course to change the style a little bit, how is that possible.

    2) Could you please provide me the exact file paths i need to change for those 2 redirections?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards.

  • 1) To do that, you must use some external plugin.

    2) The file responsible for that is includes/woocommerce-cart.php.

    Best regards

  • Thank you for your response let me be more specific, i would like to change the 2 redirections of the highlighted buttons.

    Continue shopping when the cart view page has at least one product and the return to shop button when the cart view page has none products in it.

    The file "includes/woocommerce-cart.php" is for the sidecart, but thanks for that as well.

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    Both buttons are controlled by file functions/theme-woocommerce.php.

    Best regards

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