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Hi, thanks for the great theme. Im facing a couple of issues and i hope you can help me solve them, i will attach images for better explanation.

  1. When using a services slider (this only happens in laptops), the radius on the corners are not looking good, beside from that the buttons are displaying the texts in a weird way, also i would like to make the containers look the same height (having a correct way to display the diferent elements, ex. buttons on bottom)
  2. I want to put a tittle on top of the right wrap section, but instead of doing what i want it is always going to the bottom of the left seccion, how do i achieve what im looking for?

My website is

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.



  • Hi,

    1) The margin value causes that. See the following screenshots showing how it looks when I disabled the left margin:

    2) Can you show a screenshot from BeBuilder showing how you are putting this title, please?


  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    1. Radius item solved :) But the same height containers hasnt been answered, pls help with that, the same for the weird button behavior. Image attached.
    2. Im trying to copy a tittle from another section and paste it right on top of the wrapper (right one), but its going to the down left section, if i place it inside the wrapper obviously its going inside it witch it something i dont want. Please guide me on how to put the title the way showed on the second image of my previous post.

    Excuse my terrible english. Cheers.

  • Sorry, I did not notice the part about the height. Did you add it after you edited your message?

    1) Please open the Query Loop options and set Min height in the Style tab.

    Also, most likely, the buttons do not look well because of the heading size. Please try to reduce the heading font and check if the problem persists.

    2) You can put a section before the one from your screenshot and place title in it.

    Best regards

  • Hi, thanks a lot for the quick response. Followed your steps without success, everytime i try to ad a heading or section it is ending up on the left side or inside the wrapper (witch is something i dont want) if i clone the section, its going to the left side also, idk whats wrong with that part of the theme, or it is me. Ill attach a video so you can explain me a little more Iv tryed everything and no success. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Create a a new section above and put the heading in it, not the wrap.

    Or do the same with a wrap.

    Best regards

  • Thanks a lot again for the super fast response, im affraid thats not what im looking for, because i want to put the tittle just on top of the right wrapper, not on top of the whole section. Maeby the image i attached wasnt clear enough. I will attach a new image edited in photoshop to show what i want to achieve. Thanks again for the superb support.


  • Please see the following video tutorial:

    So, even if you put the title in another wrap/section, it can be placed where you need it.

    Best regards

  • Hi Phil, thanks again for your support, yes i know i can do that but it would be pointless, as when working on mobile that title will apear in the incorrect section, what i want to do is very usual i think, and its to put a title on top of an item (the right wrap in this case), i cant even guess why is it not possible without making a messy workarround. If you have any other thought that will be great, if not, then ill have to change the whole section.


  • With your current construction, it is impossible to achieve that in ways other than the ones I suggested.

    That is why I am suggesting these workarounds.

    Best regards

  • Thanks a lot for your time and patience.


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