Displaying photo portfolio

I have several categories and several portfolios in each category. On the home page I want to display only a select few portfolio items, one form each category. How do I do that? I saw many posts on the subject of categories, but nothing on displaying specific portfolios.


  • Hi,

    what you can do is use the element you mentioned above, select category which from you want to display posts and limit the number of posts with Projects number option.

  • I want to show one post from each category. I have it limited to display "3" but I want to show a specific three.

  • Yes, I understand. In such case, you have to do what i told you above. But for each category, you need to put separate Portfolio Photo element.

  • If I set it to "2" it shows two portfolios in the same category, if I set it to "1" and list the categories I want to show, one of each, it still shows only one portfolio.

  • This element takes first product from each category always. So, if you want it to work the way you like, each product has to be assigned to one category. If you have same product assigned to 2 different categories, It would appear in both categories.

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