Is it possible to change variation image squares to same size & shape as the colour circles?


Couldn't find the answer to this with search, so just wanted to ask if there was a way to control the size and shape of the variation images?

We have quite a lot of colours for the variations in use for the website I'm developing, some of which are single colours and the round colour element is perfect for this - but due to having some multicolour/patterned designs we can't use the colour variation attribute / selector for every single product.

Would it be possible to unify these somehow?

This is how the colour attributes look like on the single product page (which is great):

However, when using the image attribute for variations (due to multicolour / patterned designs), the selectors are square-shaped and very big and I'd like to change these to be the same size & shape as the selectors for the single colours (smaller round circles):

And in addition to the single product page - they should be the same size and shape in the category view too:

Would this be possible to somehow edit the size and shape of the variation image selectors so they are all uniform and same shape / size?

Thank you!


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