Wishlist page


how to customize wishlist page? For example we dont need short description in it and would be nice to have site width. https://futureweb.shop/pamegtos-prekes/

And we missing button to remove items from wishlist.


  • Hi,

    I am sorry but we don't have any possibility to customize wishlist page at this moment.

  • looks very bad

  • Can you advise me on how to improve the wishlist page, as it looks tragic. The edges are uneven, a short description of the item is not needed, we cannot remove the item.

    Can we use third party plugin if You doesnt have any setttings on it? or maybe you can show where is template parts and we can add php code?

  • Hi,

    Some minor changes can be done with a custom CSS code.

    If you explain what you need, I will do my best to help you.

    Best regards

  • we dont need product short description in wishlist

    and maybe we can make all elements width same?

  • Please use the following CSS code:

    .wishlist .wishlist-row .one-second .mcb-column-inner ol,
    .wishlist .wishlist-row .one-second .mcb-column-inner p:not(.price){
     display: none;
    .wishlist .wishlist-row{
     width: 100%!important;

    Best regards

  • Perfect, thank you

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