Wrap Alignment



can I have masonry blog type layout for normal wrap elements, so that the gap between the elements stays constant across all screen sizes like below

this is what I could achieve by making 5 wraps in that section next to each other

Is there any other alternative method to achieve the expected design


  • Hi,

    You can add a negative margin to the wrap on the left. See the following screenshots for a better understanding:

    Remember that lower resolutions inherit value from device above, so you must adjust it for laptop, tablet and mobile view.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for the reply, but the height and width of the box changes according to the content inside it...when minimizing the width the height increases to accommodate the text. i can set negative margin at 1440, 968 , but since the wrap height changes the negative margin wont work in the in between screen range

  • The other workaround you can do is to use two wraps next to each other and inner wraps inside of them.

    Best regards

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