Shop Element - Display Featured Products


Within the "shop slider", you have an option to display "featured products".

Within the regular "Shop" element, there is no such feature.

Is it possible to expand this to include featured products?

Alternatively, rather than just allowing "category" filtering, can you offer "tag"? A similar outcome can be achieved with this.

Finally, perhaps for the future, a way to specifically select individual products to show.

Use case: Showing a curated list of products on the home page of a website


p.s. I'd love to be able to wait for a full feature request for this, however I've had a last-minute request for this functionality for a site due to go live in a few days 🤦‍♂️ Any pointers on hooks or filters that I can tap into would be appreciated.

p.p.s. Query Loops can't help here either, there are no tag or featured options there either


  • Hello,

    This element does not have a featured option because it works on a default WooCommerce function which do not support that.

    Also, unfortunately, filters or hooks are unavailable for that, but you can overwrite these element functions in your child theme.

    Go to functions/theme-shortcodes.php and copy the sc_shop_slider function to functions.php in your child theme.

    BTW, I have passed info about products tag in QL to the dev team.

    Best regards

  • Thanks Phil, I'll work on something to suit my needs here.

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