Couple of Things: Layouts

Hi There,

LOVE BE - Just a couple of things; please let me know asap, as I'm working on a very large project.

1) How do I change the colors (Background/footer) on the Layout?

2) How do I reduce the height of the main header? Background Image? Below the Menu (Modern)

3) Footer Color is not changing. I have tried in both the theme settings + by adding the correct .css in custom css = but nothing changes. I have already cleaned the cache of my browser. 
= Footer 
a) I need Text color changed
b) I need Widget Title Color changed
c) I need background Color changed

4) Can the MOBILE menu be made BIGGER? And a Different Color so it stands out (the box)

Thank you sooo much.


  • 1) This can be changed in Theme options > Colors > Footer section.


    3) Maybe you use one of predefined skins? You should to know that custom colors works with Custom Skin only. This can be changed in Theme options > Colors > General section.

    a) Tex color for content can be changed in Theme options > Colors > Content section.
    b) Theme options > Colors > Content
    c) Theme options > Colors > General

    4) What you mean bigger? Please make a screenshot of what you mean, do necessary changes and we`ll see if there is anything what we can do for you.
  • Hi There,

    Thank you very much for the reply...

    1) I have tried this = and NO it does not change anything. No colors are changed. 

    2) Yes, please tell me how to reduce the header height.

    3) In ThemeOptions-Colors-General Section = In Footer = As mentioned above, the colors are NOT changing... 

    and 3a, 3b, 3c = yes, I know = I have tried, and tried but the colors are not changing after SAVING. Only some work and some, like Footer do not. I have also tried to change footer title color, and that does not change either. I also need footer widget title color.

    4) on Mobile menu it is the 4 lines to identify a mobile menu = just wondering if that can be made bigger and/or in a different color ?

    Thank you soo much. Love BE but I am having trouble with colors.

    I wonder if I provide user Id access, and tell you what colors I want changed = you could do that for me, either in the color section (not working) or via CSS ?
  • 1) Yes, this works but you must have custom skin selected. Probably you have one of predefined and that`s why it does not work in your case.

    2) (we really appreciate if you can do not duplicate questions in topics because we really check everything each day and duplicated questions are confusing)

    3) If you have custom skin selected and colors don`t won`t to work, then please send us access to your dashboard on pm with explanation which colors don`t work and we`ll have a look on it (make sure you don`t use any cache plugins)

    4) Yes, it is possible:
    #Top_bar a.responsive-menu-toggle i { font-size: 35px; color: #000; }
    As we wrote above, we need access on pm with more details (like which colors exactly do not work from colors section) and we`ll have a look on it.
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