blog template


I imported the demo but not blog template exist.

Any ideea how to do that?

I work with a lot of theme. You have a good one, but for blog is the wost I saw, by a lot. I'm sorry to tell you that, but this is the true.


  • Hello,

    Not all demos have blog templates, which is a kind of fresh thing.

    If you want to check a demo with such templates, see the following one:

    You can also test it yourself through the Templates tab.

    Best regards

  • Don't you think all the theme must have a default blog template?

    I mean, I paid a licence - two in my case :) - I expect to have them, not to build them myself.

  • Most of our pre-built websites were released before the Blog Templates feature was released, so obviously, they do not have it.

    If you need to use such a template, you can import one of the newest demos that use it or create it yourself, especially since there are pre-defined layouts that can be adjusted in Theme options.

    Best regards

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