How to make image full width in inline shortcode


[image src="#" width="" height="" align="" border="0" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" link_image="" link="" hover="" alt="" caption="" target="" greyscale="0" animate=""]






I want to make image full width like we do in BeBuilder theme wrapper remove column width & height. How I do this with image column. Don't want content to be full width.


  • Hi,

    To have the image Full width, first, the section that contains it must be Full width. When this requirement is fulfilled, margins must be set to zero for the image, which can be done with custom CSS code.

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  • Hello,

    I want only image section full width with margin 0, not other sections. Do u have any predefined class of full width section. Sharing reference link how I want banner image. Also how we assign css class to columns

    [one]Insert your content here[/one]

    Website reference :

  • I rechecked that, and I can see that you are using Gutenberg on that page.

    I think that it will be impossible to achieve that without making all sections full-width because Gutenberg content cannot get any wider than the grid you set in theme options.

    What you can do is to set full width content in the Page Options and later limit content after image with paddings and margins.

    Best regards

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