Price module does not work.

I have the problem that I have created a store detail page via the BeBuilder. However, when I select variants with different prices, it always says "from 25€" but does not change the price to e.g. "25€" or "35€"

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I can't attach a link to the site because it's a local development environment. The standard price module for Woocommerce from BeBuilder is used.


  • Hi,

    Without a link to your website, it is hard to say what could be wrong.

    Please record a video showing your issue, and I will try to replicate it in my environment.


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    Ok, to make it easier, I have uploaded the page to the server.

    Please delete the link and the .htaccess access data after the help. It is a not yet published page and therefore nobody should have access to it.

  • As you already placed it on the server please send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately through the contact form, which is on the right side at because we must take a closer look at this problem.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.


  • Thank you, the e-mail has been sent.

  • One of your plugins causes it.

    After I disabled plugins except the ones we support, it changed to this:

    Best regards

  • Which plugin did you remove? You can also send me an e-mail.

    What is still misleading is that the from-to price is at the top and then the actual price at the bottom. With Woocommerce, I was aware that the large main price is changed accordingly - that is (I think) also clearer. Is there any way to implement this?

  • 1) I disabled the plugins with bulk deactivation, leaving only supported ones.

    To find the culprit, disable your plugins one by one.

    2) If the product has variations, the price element always shows the range of prices, and the final price is displayed above the add-to-cart button.

    We use standard WooCommerce functions for that, and to modify this behaviour, you would have to edit the files for which we do not provide help.

    Best regards

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